Events management


Serving coffee & tea

If you are confident, enjoy meeting new people, have a heart for welcoming guests and are passionate about serving people, then this ministry is for you.

Volunteers serve before and after our Sunday morning gatherings, as well as other events as required. We aim to provide an area for connecting with friends and guests, welcoming people into a warm environment where they can relax and be refreshed.

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Events Management

Help events run smoothly

A team of people responsible for the smooth running of events at church (e.g. gatherings & conferences). This includes being the communications link between the various teams involved in the program and running through the events checklist, ensuring every team knows what they need to do.

To be part of this team, you need an eye for detail and a heart for hospitality.

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Clean up after events

With so much ministry happening, there is often additional assistance needed to clean up after events. We would love to have you help us clean the facility regularly or just after a large event.

Cleaning tasks include vacuuming, mopping, dusting, trash removal, etc.

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