About Us

Lighthouse Ministries is a prophetic church that brings hope and light to families, communities and the nations.

We are a new generation that are committed to building and equipping vibrant and fruitful kingdom families through disciple-making, training, prayer and missions.

Lighthouse being a true lighthouse;

  • where people are empowered on all levels to represent God’s character and nature in the earth.
  • where the broken. and the hurt be healder and restored.
  • where the Word of God is preached and obeyed.
  • where we are equipped to go and serve our nation and the nations of the world.

Our vision

Reproducing Healthy Kingdom Families.

Our core values


We see everything in the context of a family and particularly one of fathers raising sons to maturity.

Body life

Everyone has equal value and every part is needed, loved and cherished.

Apostolic intent

We operate under an apostolic grace to establish the kingdom amongst unreached communities and to establish sound foundations on which the church is built.

Evangelical relevance

The gospel must be presented to every culture in a way that the original intent of God is clearly understood.