Small group

DBS (Discovery Bible Study) Groups are an integral part of what we do as a church. We believe that growth and sustained life-change occurs as we come together in small groups to discuss truths found in the Bible. DBS Groups provide you with the opportunity to connect with others, grow in your relationship with Christ through accountability partners, and to experience community.

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Small group

Our Recovery Groups are designed to help you overcome times of crisis and to lead you into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by providing comfort, healing, and direction during difficult times.  We do this by discussing biblical truths in the environment of a caring community.

Types of Recovery Groups:
–  Finances 
–  Divorce 
–  Bereavement 
–  Single Parenting
–  Substance Abuse

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Word School

Interactive and practical classes

Our Word School is an integral component of Lighthouse family members’ growth process. It supports and enhances the discipleship process in our spiritual growth journey.
The messages are worked through and applied in an interactive way – by facilitators, with the ultimate aim of bringing our family members from knowing the elementary doctrines, to growing into a true ‘sons’ and ‘fathers’ – who display the glory of Christ in the earth.

Our Word School consist of two-year modules and more practical ministry schools (i.e. School of Counselling, School of Healing and the School of Teaching).

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