How to pay for an event

Step 1:


You will get the link to the event somewhere on one of our media platforms, simply follow the link and you will be taken to the event page.

Step 2:


After following the link, you will be taken to the event page and you will be able to see all the event details, from who to contact to the date of event and a big register button, click on that.

Step 3:


After clicking on register, you will be taken down to the “Book Event” section.

There are a few fields to note here. Date, Ticket, and the “I’m not a robot” field.

Choose the date for the event or date range.

Choose the ticket or amount of tickets.

Click on the “I’m not a robot” field.

After all that click next.

Step 4:


Fill out your information, and any other optional things you want, if there are any, in this screenshot there isn’t any, then click next.

In the event you are buying multiple tickets, you get the following image.

Uncheck the box, to fill in the information of the other attendees you’ve purchase tickets for, or leave it checked and we will follow up with you in due course, to get their information.

Step 5:


Checkout will inform you what the cost(s) involved are.

If you have been given a discount coupon, now is the time to use it. Please type the code into the relevant box.

Simply click on Add to cart, once you’re satisfied with your order.

You will get a notification saying your that order has been created.

 Click on Checkout.

Step 6:


You will be taken to the order page, which will confirm the items you’ve selected, as well as the total cost.

 If you’re happy with your order, simply click on Pay for order.

Step 7:


The Payfast page will appear.  Here you can choose your preferred method of payment.

Step 8:


This is the final step. Fill in the details that PayFast is asking for, and then click Pay.

After this, your transaction is processed successfully.  You will get an email from PayFast and us stating that your order has been completed, which will also include an invoice.

Congratulations you have booked for an event.

If you are having any trouble simply contact us, or email Dean directly at