How to register for conferences

Step 1

Welcome to the registration page for your specific conference.

Step 2

In the following box, type in your necessary details, name and surname is important.

Step 2.1 (If you can’t find yourself)

If you can’t find yourself after you put in your details, click or tap on create user.

Step 2.2 (If you do find yourself..)

Step 2.3 (Click on the hand.)

Step 3

After that previous step, you should see this, once you do please check your inbox, sms app or your junk mail for the 4 digit OTP and put it in.

Step 4

Once you punched in the code, you can click on continue.

Step 5

You should be taken to the payment page.

Step 6

On the registration page you will find a few things to take note of; registration type, price of registration, quantity (how many people) and payment method.

Under registration type, ensure that you click on the dropdown arrow and select one of the options that are applicable, if there is only one option, choose that.

Once you’re done, you can choose your quantity, preferred payment method and register.