The culture of the Kingdom and it’s kings: We are kings of the King. That reality extends into everything we do. It affects not just how we behave, but also our attitude, disposition, expectations and posture. Everything.

As we come to the end of one year and enter another, it is with clearer vision than we had the year before, but not as clear as it is still to become. The truth is revealed to us in waves. In seasons. In layers. What we understand today gives clearer definition to the things we knew before. Present vision redefines past vision. It’s called 20/20 vision, when we look back and understand what we never did in that time. What God is bringing us into is 20/20 vision – clear vision of how to walk in the light of revelation He had given us for now.

We are ever increasingly able to see what God is doing so that we, His viceroy, can accurately represent Him in all He’s called us to do. The culture of the Kingdom of heaven is coming into the earth through the kings He has appointed to rule in the earth.