The Lord instructed me to read the book of Joshua. The words stood out ” …only be strong and very courageous… “

 I said: “Lord, for our entire marriage I saw him (my husband) as my enemy.”

God said: “Then love your enemy”.

I asked: “How did he become my enemy?”

 I realised that it was because of all the influences, bad associations and words used by people who did not accept my marriage or respect my life.

 I suddenly saw it as an opportunity to take responsibility and not to blame.

It was for me to accept that I believed the lie, that grew and took root in my belief of my husband. I allowed people to speak evil of him and against the vow made before God. I did not establish healthy boundaries with people, because I had no regard for God’s sovereignty and rule. I did not believe that it was something He saw as sacred. I was not in the marriage out of love, but to establish my own rule and agendas – to get things done for me and my way… and God was saying: “Your way won’t  help your marriage. It will destroy it. It can only stand if you choose My way”.

 I asked the Lord: “How do I fix it?”

He said: “Repent… make a mindful decision, that if you believe that I (God) put the two of you together, then stop sabotaging it. Start to care for it and nurture it.

Repentance is heartfelt and it does not keep record of wrong. Believe that you and your husband, are in a solemn vow made to Me, that must be protected. Strive to live in peace and towards ways to get the Promise.

See him as God sees him and speak what you believe of him in the newness of light (life), so that you eradicate and erase the wicked words spoken over your marriage.

Forget the past. Forget bad associations.

Be a peacemaker, not a troublemaker.

Be kind and gentle, not loud and critical.

Be an instrument of peace to him.

Be strong and of great courage, for I will be with you.

Ask, but don’t attack.

Be unfocused on your needs, but care for the needs of the other.

Highly esteem the other.

Do not fret, but be of good cheer, and take care of your spirit within.

Trust and believe in Me.

Do not fear.

Listen to each other.”

 I made up my mind to see my husband as my friend.

 May the Spirit of Truth minister to you and may you live.

If the mind is not correctly arranged, it cannot carry the eternal things. For as a man thinketh so is he. So is she. If we don’t correct the mind, we cannot correct behaviour.

The enemy works through an illegal mindset – a mind that exalts itself against the knowledge of God (a disobedient mind).