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Kingly culture

December – January


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The culture of the Kingdom and it’s kings: We are kings of the King. That reality extends into everything we do. It affects not just how we behave, but also our attitude, disposition, expectations and posture. Everything.

As we come to the end of one year and enter another, it is with clearer vision than we had the year before, but not as clear as it is still to become. The truth is revealed to us in waves. In seasons. In layers. What we understand today gives clearer definition to the things we knew before. Present vision redefines past vision. It’s called 20/20 vision, when we look back and understand what we never did in that time. What God is bringing us into is 20/20 vision – clear vision of how to walk in the light of revelation He had given us for now.

We are ever increasingly able to see what God is doing so that we, His viceroy, can accurately represent Him in all He’s called us to do. The culture of the Kingdom of heaven is coming into the earth through the kings He has appointed to rule in the earth.

Kingly character



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In ancient times there were city kingdoms. Inside the walls of the city you were offered provision and protection, but you were a subject of the king. There was very little hope of surviving outside of the city walls. Your faith would be in the king’s character and in the resulting benefits of your citizenship.

We are citizens of the city of God. More than that – we are His sons. Our faith is toward God and the faithfulness of His Word. All that we are is found in Christ. We live as His subjects and representatives. Whatever we do, it is to represent our Father the King. He has fully empowered us to act on His behalf. The only way for that to happen is that we ONLY act on His behalf. We have to carry His nature and SHARE in His character, to accurately represent Him.

We are to reflect Kingly character in every area of our lives.




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We are the expression of our Father; The extension of His house. The culture of righteous rule, kingly character and generosity is displayed through His sons, who are led by His Spirit of wisdom and revelation – so that we are always effective and relevant in the place God has placed us.

The Spirit of God in us, instructs us in this life of godliness. The fulness of life, is a life of the Spirit that informs the soul and causes our bodies to get with the program. What a joy it is to be able to live this life to the full.

P.S. This is going to be a month of feasting on the Word. Then we will meditate (chew the cud) on the Word, until it becomes part of our life.




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To some, the term “bless you” means very little. It’s often said just to avoid personally getting involved in dealing with the mess that particular individual might be in. In “Christianese”, (the language “Christians” use, that no-one else necessarily understands) the word “blessed” often refers to someone giving you something. In scripture it means something very different.

Jesus said you are blessed with circumstances like being poor, hungry, insulted, rejected and hated. How could we have gotten it so wrong?

This kind of blessing is the extension of God’s benefits to us. How we benefit is to the degree that Christ is formed in us. We are learning to look to God as our source and not the things of this world. Those who live by faith in God, are the recipients of this favour of God.

Circumstances no longer determine our joy or degree of blessedness. It is in the trusting that we will be maturing. The maturing will revealing the inheritance in Christ.

Building healthy family



Theme Description


The Lord instructed me to read the book of Joshua. The words stood out ” …only be strong and very courageous… “

 I said: “Lord, for our entire marriage I saw him (my husband) as my enemy.”

God said: “Then love your enemy”.

I asked: “How did he become my enemy?”

 I realised that it was because of all the influences, bad associations and words used by people who did not accept my marriage or respect my life.

 I suddenly saw it as an opportunity to take responsibility and not to blame.

It was for me to accept that I believed the lie, that grew and took root in my belief of my husband. I allowed people to speak evil of him and against the vow made before God. I did not establish healthy boundaries with people, because I had no regard for God’s sovereignty and rule. I did not believe that it was something He saw as sacred. I was not in the marriage out of love, but to establish my own rule and agendas – to get things done for me and my way… and God was saying: “Your way won’t  help your marriage. It will destroy it. It can only stand if you choose My way”.

 I asked the Lord: “How do I fix it?”

He said: “Repent… make a mindful decision, that if you believe that I (God) put the two of you together, then stop sabotaging it. Start to care for it and nurture it.

Repentance is heartfelt and it does not keep record of wrong. Believe that you and your husband, are in a solemn vow made to Me, that must be protected. Strive to live in peace and towards ways to get the Promise.

See him as God sees him and speak what you believe of him in the newness of light (life), so that you eradicate and erase the wicked words spoken over your marriage.

Forget the past. Forget bad associations.

Be a peacemaker, not a troublemaker.

Be kind and gentle, not loud and critical.

Be an instrument of peace to him.

Be strong and of great courage, for I will be with you.

Ask, but don’t attack.

Be unfocused on your needs, but care for the needs of the other.

Highly esteem the other.

Do not fret, but be of good cheer, and take care of your spirit within.

Trust and believe in Me.

Do not fear.

Listen to each other.”

 I made up my mind to see my husband as my friend.

 May the Spirit of Truth minister to you and may you live.

If the mind is not correctly arranged, it cannot carry the eternal things. For as a man thinketh so is he. So is she. If we don’t correct the mind, we cannot correct behaviour.

The enemy works through an illegal mindset – a mind that exalts itself against the knowledge of God (a disobedient mind).

Family focussed



Theme Description

Family works, because it’s God’s design. In as much as we align with God’s design, family will work.

The world is going to great lengths to deny Christ as He is revealed in the divine order of things. It’s become
ridiculous: the level of thinking the world has stooped to, in denying that a family is God’s design. A father
(male) and mother (female) committed to each other for life, in raising children to maturity – is family. The world
has even dismissed gender as a social construct (until of course, they want to make babies – then they have
to find a male and a female to make it work). They argue that one can imagine yourself to be whatever gender
you feel like.

All of this is an attack of the spirit of anti-Christ. There is a global assault on family as God designed it. We
know that family on Earth is to be a reflection of family as it is in heaven. By God’s grace, we will be focused on
equipping fathers, mothers and children – so that we will have healthy natural families, and be a true reflection
of the family of God.

Holy communion



Theme Description

What these words are most commonly used for and what they mean are two very different things.

More accurate definitions:

Holy – like the Lord in nature, different from the world

Communion – fellowship, participation, sharing together

 We understand the word ‘community’ and even ‘commune’, but then reduce communion to the taking off a symbolic emblem.

 God is bringing us into a fellowship of the saints through the fellowship of His Spirit, which is holy.

 When we are born of His Spirit, there is no other outcome but to be in fellowship with those parts in His body. He has placed each of us, very specifically, in His body (in the exact configuration) so as to participate fully in this communion. 

 God’s purpose was that the body should not be divided but rather that all of it’s parts should feel the same concern for each other. 

1 Cor 12:25

The most excellent way



Theme Description

Jesus obtained a more excellent ministry and is mediator of a better covenant, founded on better promises.
(Heb. 8:6)

This covenant is what establishes an estate of sonship for us, the third-party beneficiaries of the covenant God
made with Himself. This promise, that God will have a Son in the Earth that accurately represents Him, is an
anchor for our soul. He will bring it about.

How He does it is by His Spirit in us, producing His life. Anything we try to produce of ourselves is works that
can only produce death. What God is, being lived through us, is the most excellent way.

In Christ



Theme Description

How much does God love us? He loves us so much that He saw us included in Christ before anything was created.

I love each of my natural children. I loved them before they were born. I am not God, and didn’t know who or what they would be, but I chose them before they were conceived. In their case, that’s why they were conceived. I chose them. My delight in them grows as they respond to my love for them and enter into my love for their siblings, by loving each other.

These things are shadows and types for us to understand the Father’s love.

We were in the mind of God, in the Son, before anything was made. Not only are we included in Christ, we are included with each other as one body.

 May we learn to enter, by His grace, into His love for and fullness displayed through His body.

In the box



Theme Description

The Old Testament is full of types and shadows – symbols and pictures that point us towards the real thing. One
such picture is the ark of the covenant.

We are living in uncertain times. It is during these times that God is bringing to us a revelation of a certainty,
by which we will not be shaken. What was a mystery before, is now becoming clear as God starts raising His
corporate son in the earth.

The mystery is that we were always, in the mind of God, included in Christ from before the foundation of the
earth. All that we are ever to become, was already provided for, before anything was created.

God is now bringing us into the measure and standard of Son.

Like Father, like son



Theme Description

Whatever comes out of you is automatically son to you. If you are the originator of a thing, you are it’s father. When God created, He became instantly, Father of all creation.

God is in all and is not able to be observed, because there is nowhere outside of God from which to observe Him. He is known by His Spirit, His nature and character. He has made Himself observable in the form of son.

We have been created from His Spirit, making us spirit (in His image) with the capacity to display His nature and character (in His likeness). We are sons of God, created to make our Father visible by our righteous rule.

This is the intent of God – that Christ be fully formed in us. This is what He is doing on Earth – raising His sons to be accurate representatives of the Father. He has sworn it by an oath and He will surely bring it about.

Righteous Rule

December ’18 – Jan ’19


Theme Description

The seasons of God are not determined by the beginning and end of a chronological year. They are epochs in time in which God fully brings into the earth that which He has determined. That which God is bringing into the earth in this season is not altered by a new year’s resolution or numbers on the calendar.

As the sons of God that are being aligned with the order of heaven, we function as viceroys that extend His righteous rule in the earth. It might start by being limited to a certain area of our lives, but as we fully learn to yield to His Spirit in us, it extends to every area of our lives.

God has been speaking to us about alignment in our family, so that our lives can be a testimony and encouragement to others seeking to align with God’s purposes.

We will press in to see every area of our lives be a display of His righteous rule.