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Love is



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God is Love.

How overused and misunderstood the word “love” is. Is it a feeling or is it an action? It is neither. It is the nature of God. No-one can understand or truly express love without being in Christ and Christ in them. Love is only expressed when God is expressed through us. Everything else we do in the name of love comes from selfish motives or agendas.

It is only by allowing our Father to take full control of our lives that we are able to love. Jesus surrendered His will fully to the Father and became the exact representation of God’s being.

We cannot live in the flesh and love. It is only by the Spirit that our Father’s nature is revealed through us.

We cannot produce it and we cannot force ourselves to love. It is the fruit of His spirit in us. What we can do, is surrender.

As we do, His nature is represented through His sons. After all, we are the only created beings with the capacity of our Father, to love.  

What love is



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Love is a word that the world uses all the time. There are different kinds of love, even though our English language clumps them all together in one word. The love I have for my family is obviously different to the love I have for food.

The world calls many things love. Those who have been born again and whose spiritual eyes have opened, are coming to know the Father – Who is love.

You either see the world with soulish eyes or with spirit eyes. Only by the Holy Spirit is the nature of our Father revealed to and produced in His sons. We know what love is when we come to understand the heart of our Father. We operate out of love when we are motivated by the desires of our Father. The world cannot even begin to understand what love is until God reveals it to them and until we represent it to them.

Now we need to come into the maturity of our sonship, so that we can accurately display the character and nature of our Father on earth.

What an inheritance we have received!




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Heb 1:3 describes the culture of the sons of God. As Christ was in the earth, so are we. As Christ did, we are to be radiating our Father’s glory and be the exact representation of who He is. We can only reflect our heavenly Father to the degree that we know Him and have intimacy with Him.

He has given us all things that are needed for His life and godliness to be revealed through us. He breathed His Spirit into man and it is His Spirit that produces in us His very nature. When we are born of the Spirit of God (born again), He enables us to live the God life and display His nature and character so that the world has no excuse. We can say to the world, “If you have seen us, you have seen our Father”.

The more we mature as sons of God, the more accurately we will reflect who He is. The more intimate we are with our Father, the more His character will be formed in us. All of creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed. For this reason we were created. We are not just waiting to go to heaven, but have entered the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of heaven will come through us.


Family feast


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With guest speaker, Sam Soleyn.

Sam Soleyn was born on the southern Caribbean Island of St. Vincent in 1951 and has spent the majority of his life in the USA, where he currently resides.  

His interest in the things of God began in his childhood, and has shaped his destiny throughout his life.  He has come to understand that the basis, upon which the relationship between God and man has been established, is that of a father and his son.

He is an internationally known writer and speaker whose messages have been presented on radio and television.  He holds a doctorate in Jurisprudence from the University of New Mexico school of Law.

Hear Sam share revolutionary insights about our relationship with God in this series.

Family dynamics



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A household is a multi-generational family. It is really a group of families together. Spiritual households are patriarchal where fathers produce sons and those sons should produce the next generation of sons. We’re speaking in a spiritual sense, so we are not talking about being male or female. In the spirit we are all sons of God who reflect, on earth, the reality of how it is in heaven. Spiritual fathers show spiritual sons their heavenly Father. Spiritual houses represent on earth a demonstration of the household of God.
Sons of God become mature so that they can be spiritual fathers to the next generation of sons. In the same way, Jesus, while being the Son of God who is the perfect and true witness of who His Father is, is called “everlasting Father”. It is through the House of God that the standards of heaven are introduced into the earth.

God is raising the standard as households become clans that become tribes that becomes a nation. God is forming us into a holy nation and a royal priesthood. And many nations will come, and say, “Come let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and He will teach us of His ways and we will walk in His paths.” Micah 4:2

It takes fathers



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Everything that is built needs a good foundation. This is true for structures and relationships. For us to see many sons come into maturity, we will need many fathers.

Any good father was once a son and it takes these fathers to raise up sons and help lay these essential foundations. We must ensure that our sons grow through all the stages of maturity until they can also become good spiritual fathers. There is a big difference between a sire and a father. There are many children running around that obviously had a sire, but the lack of fathers is painfully evident.

Let’s get it right for our children. Let’s lay the foundation for the next generation. Let’s learn how to love, develop and disciple them to the point where they will do it even better – Reproducing healthy Kingdom families.

Step up



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Everything that is built needs a good foundation. This is true for structures and relationships. To be a son that comes into maturity, one needs to develop through all the stages of sonship. You learn to sit up, then to crawl. You develop strength to walk, then you develop balance and the capacity to run.

Any good father was once a son. As you grow into a healthy son, you learn all you need to become a good father. Without laying these essential 
foundations, immature sons become poor fathers who are often negligent, derelict in their duties or even abusive to their own sons. We must ensure that we grow through all the stages of sonship until we can also become good spiritual fathers. There is a big difference between a sire and a father. There are many children running around that obviously had a sire, but the lack of fathers is painfully evident.

Let’s get it right for our children. Let’s lay the foundation for the next generation. Let’s learn to deal with the pain that the enemy has tried to inflict on our generation by receiving the acceptance, love and inheritance from our heavenly Father, and passing it on. We can step up in maturity and then step up to the responsibility of being stewards of the legacy of the sons of God.




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It is God’s determined purpose to produce sons in the earth. We are the beneficiaries of the covenant God made with Himself to ensure that this will come about.

Adam rejected the presence of God and chose rather to live as an orphan. Israel rejected the presence of God and became slaves to the law.

We have a choice. We can be orphans and slaves or we can be the sons of God. All the provision has been made, but it happens as we run into the presence of our Father. In His presence we are transformed from orphans to sons. Our marriage union with Christ brings us into the fullness of all that He has, including sonship with God.

Now we need to come into the maturity of our sonship, so that we can accurately display the character and nature of our Father on earth where we rule as the sons of God.

What an inheritance we have received!




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There has never been a greater, more sinister and consistent attack on humanity, by the enemy (satan), than in the area of sonship. From the beginning, Adam was attacked in this area and the enemy succeeded – causing him to hide from the presence of his Father and become an orphan. Still today, most of mankind live as orphans and have been deceived into separating themselves from their inheritance and relationship with their true Father.

Those who are born again, are born of the Spirit and enter into sonship and a relationship with their Father. Unfortunately, too many of the sons of God live as orphans still, and are kept in ignorance or immaturity, so as never to come into the full knowledge of their inheritance.

Join us as we focus on this very important subject. Let’s trust our Father to reveal His love, purpose and destiny for us, the sons of God.

Mythbusters 2



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If people do not want to serve God because they have unresolved questions, will they turn to God as soon as their questions are resolved? Probably not. We tend to want answers so that we can feel in control of our lives. Surrendering one’s life to God is, amongst other things, an acknowledgement that ‘I am not in control’. It’s a surrender of control to the glory and purposes of the King. It’s a losing of your self-willed, self-enriching, self-determined, self-serving life in exchange for a Christ-centred, God-glorifying life.

So, why do people choose to serve God? It’s inevitably because of an encounter with Him. They encounter His love, goodness, grace, mercy, awesomeness (that is one context in which this word is appropriate) and they are convinced that He is worthy of our worship, adoration and service.

Keep asking questions, but expect to encounter God.

Mythbusters 1



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We live in a real world where people have real questions. The sad truth is that, unless one is born of the Spirit, one cannot see reality clearly.  A person that sees with eyes of the soul is not able to understand God’s reality, because God’s reality is only perceived with spiritual eyes.

In this series, we are going to ask tough questions and look at some myths about God and how we should relate to Him, that are not always accurate. Sometimes the tough questions force us to examine what we really believe and why. God doesn’t require blind faith. That would be irresponsible of us. God wants us to carefully consider the evidence of His nature and character and allow our spiritual eyes to be opened to be able to see things as they really are.

If you know why you believe what you believe, you won’t be vulnerable to the lies of the evil one. Tough times and tough questions can’t shake you if your faith is based on knowing the truth.

What is the gospel?



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We are well aware of the mandate to preach the Gospel. Some are conscious of the fact that the Gospel must be preached to every people group in the earth. Few actually know what the Gospel is.

How can we effectively do something if we don’t know what that something is?
In this series, we are going to take a closer look at this question. We need to understand it for ourselves in order to fully receive it. How can we share something with boldness, if we’re not sure what it is that we are to share? Why would we share it, if we’re not excited about it?

The Gospel means “Good News”. We need to understand the Good News, fully appreciate it, get excited about it and then share it with the whole world.

Although the by-product will be that we go to heaven, that’s not the full story, nor is it the essence of the Good news. It’s about restoring identity and purpose. It’s an adventure! It’s worth living for and dying for! It’s a mystery hidden for ages, now revealed!

Get in on the Good News, then go tell the world!!




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A viceroy is one who stands in the place of a king. A viceroy also has no need to concern himself with provision and protection. As a representative of the king, he is assured of the king’s provision. We are both – sons and viceroys. We are totally given to our Father’s Kingdom and have the full provision and authority to represent Him here on earth.

You have an opportunity to represent His Kingdom well. To rule as Viceroys that represent the order of heaven – on earth as it is in heaven.