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Good day Lighthouse family and friends,

Coming up in September, we will be hosting an Expressions Confluence, with Thamo Naidoo, Ralph Ellaya and Randolph Barnwell.

Expressions 2018 will be a coming together of those from different apostolic streams. We share the common understanding of the corporate son being the expression of the fullness of God in the earth. We share a theology of oneness in the Body.

Now, if only for a couple of days, we want to share in actual fellowship – sitting together, sharing meals, rubbing shoulders and interacting around the Word.

Let’s meet our speakers

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Thamo Naidoo

Thamo Naidoo has been in ministry since 1985. He has planted two pioneering works in this time – River of Life Christian Ministries (ROLCM) in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal (1994) and GATE Ministries Sandton in Sandton, Gauteng (2012). He currently provides spiritual oversight to churches both nationally and internationally.

Thamo carries a distinct governmental grace and is a key proponent of the current reformation of the church. His resource forums include the strategic and invaluable Apostolic School of Ministry, Apostolic Leadership Summit and Perspectives on the Apostolic, all of which have now become national and international events.

He is the author of Gilgal: Principles Governing Transition into the Apostolic Reformation, We Believe: GATE Articles of faith and Apostolicity: A History of the Apostolic Movement in South Africa (1980 – 2008).

Thamo currently resides in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa with his wife Mirolyn and their three sons.

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Randolph Barnwell

Randolph (a qualified teacher) is currently serving in full-time ministry as the senior elder of a local church, Gate Ministries – Durban Central. He fulfills a spiritual fathering function to his own household of faith and relates to Thamo Naidoo as a spiritual father.

Randolph is an excellent teacher with an apostolic-prophetic emphasis. He focuses on the development of various resources which teach principles for effective functioning in life and accomplishing your divine destiny and he produces many resources to accomplish this.

He is also passionate about capturing principles of God’s Word musically and he has written many songs used by many churches.

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Ralph Ellaya

Ralph is the Senior Elder and founder of God’s Mission House in Phoenix, Durban, South Africa. He is a theology graduate with an IT background in corporate lecturing and skills development. He is currently the General Secretary of ABC (Accurate Building Concepts) Ministries, which influences leaders globally through the weekly ABC Forum and Dialogues.

Ralph is accountable to the presbytery of ABC Ministries and to its founders Dr Sagie and Rochelle Govender who give oversight to the ministry and his personal life. Ralph has traveled extensively as a conference speaker on household and city building placing great emphasis on this apostolic season. Much of his focus has been dedicated to pioneering several ABC Schools which is curriculum designed for equipping, developing and empowering spiritual sons in local churches and for apostolic evaluation.

He is married to Michelle and has two daughters, Japhia and Elizabeth.

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18:30 • Session 1

Friday & Saturday
08:30 • Worship
09:15 – 10:15 • Session 2 / 7
fellowship time
11:00 – 12:00 • Session 3 / 8
eat together
13:30 – 14:30 • Session 4 / 9
fellowship time
14:45 – 15:45 • Session 5 / 10
fellowship time
18:30 – 20.30 • Session 6 / 11

09:00 • Session 12

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Friday & Saturday (day sessions)  •  Early bird (Jul. – Aug.) & Regular price (from Sept.)

Single ticket
Full conference  •  R200 early bird  or  R250 regular price
One day only (Fri / Sat)  •  R100 early bird  or  R150 regular price

Couples ticket 
Full conference  •  R300 early bird  or  R400 regular price
One day only (Fri / Sat)  •  R150 early bird  or  R200 regular price

Optional lunch boxes are available (upon registry) at R50 p/person p/day.

Sessions open to all
Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings from 18:30
Sunday 09:00

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Bank:          ABSA Parow

Branch:       632005

Account:     405 160 1019

Ref no:        LCCExpress18 + Name

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