Dear family,

What a joy it has been to know that God is in control when the world around us is in chaos. We trust that you have been strengthening your relationships with God and the family during this time.

It is common knowledge that the new regulations for level 3 of the lockdown allow for gatherings for worship, under prescribed conditions. We wish to inform you that the leadership has no intention of calling for gatherings of the congregation at this time.

If smaller groups want to gather as households or family tables, we encourage those households to arrange those gatherings cautiously and within your ability to provide safe social distancing in the venue you choose to use. You will also need to follow all the sanitization protocols prescribed by the government.

We know that many of you would love to gather again, but also that many of you miss the hugs and physical contact. This would obviously be a problem if we were to gather, as social distancing will need to be maintained. We do not know if these allowances for “places of worship” will be extended to small group house meetings. If it is, and you take advantage of it, please keep the numbers appropriate to the space you have.

The Lighthouse facility would be available on special request from fathers of households who want to gather, but this will require special cleaning staff to sanitize before and after the meeting, making it quite impractical to do so as a norm. Please communicate with the leadership if there is such a need.

For now, we will continue to use our social media platforms to send messages and teachings. Pastor Peter’s messages will be sent out on Fridays and Sundays, Sam’s on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays as well as daily devotions that will go out from our leadership team.

Thank you for faithfully giving your tithes, offering and other donations. We have been able to help many families in our household with food assistance during the lockdown period. We encourage you to continue in your giving, in the following ways:

  • Direct deposit:
    • Bank: ABSA
    • Account name: Lighthouse Ministries
    • Account number: 4051 601 019
    • Branch code: 632 005
  • Payfast:

If you have been restricted from giving electronically, you are now welcome to make use of the drop safe in the foyer. Security is on site 24/7 if that is the option you want to use.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries. Stay connected in spiritual families and households and keep in contact with your spiritual fathers. God is strengthening His house. We are thankful to be a part of what God is doing in the Earth at this time.

In His service
Lighthouse Executive Leadership