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Whatever comes out of you is automatically son to you. If you are the originator of a thing, you are it’s father. When God created, He became instantly, Father of all creation.

God is in all and is not able to be observed, because there is nowhere outside of God from which to observe Him. He is known by His Spirit, His nature and character. He has made Himself observable in the form of son.

We have been created from His Spirit, making us spirit (in His image) with the capacity to display His nature and character (in His likeness). We are sons of God, created to make our Father visible by our righteous rule.

This is the intent of God - that Christ be fully formed in us. This is what He is doing on Earth - raising His sons to be accurate representatives of the Father. He has sworn it by an oath and He will surely bring it about.

Senior Pastor,
Peter Snyman