Current theme

It is evident from scripture that God lives in a holy community of three. Three is a number of perfection. In this community there is perfect order. In order, authority flows.

God, in His grace, has brought us into this community of three. Not only are we created as spirit beings from the person of God, but we were created to be sons of God. That is the highest position any human can ever have – to be a son of God. We come into this position by being in the Son, Jesus Christ. We are not our own separate identity or another son of God. We are son by being in the Son. Jesus Christ is our identity. He is our head and we are His body.

The order of heaven (as it is in heaven) is made manifest on earth through the body of Christ. For this to happen, the body must be correctly aligned with divine order. This will be reflected on earth in spiritual family, as it is in heaven. There is a Father, there is a Son. This order brings about the flow of authority (on earth as it is in heaven). Each of us has been placed, by the Holy Spirit, in a spiritual family. This is where we are to be sustained, encouraged, admonished and discipled to maturity in Christ. The model God uses is that of fathers reflecting the nature and character of the Father to sons.

This year, we will focus on being correctly aligned with divine order in the household of faith. Our expectation is that we will see greater dimensions of divine authority displayed through the sons of God, in order to be His accurate representation (viceroys) here on the earth, as we are called to be.

Senior Pastor,
Peter Snyman