About Us

For us, it's all about family. We are part of God's family on earth, which we understand to be comprised of spiritual households, of which we are one. In the natural, we are a vibrant multi-cultural congregation in which people from all walks of life can feel at home. As spiritual beings, the reality is that we do not see each other as being of different cultures, but rather as sons of God. The culture of heaven overarches all we do. We encourage each other to maturity in Christ through spiritual fathers who point sons to their heavenly Father.


Our vision 
Reproducing Healthy Kingdom Families


Our history
(From Pentecostal to Charismatic into the Apostolic move of God)
•  Pastor Walter Snyman founded this ministry and established our heritage as one of saying “Yes” to God, despite the consequences.
•  We were established in 1982 as one of the pioneering churches in SA, migrating from the Pentecostal into the Charismatic movement.
•  We were one of the first congregations in South Africa to open it’s doors to all races while the country was in the height of apartheid.
•  We became one of the first "pure" cell group churches in SA.
•  At the turn of the century God made us aware of His Kingdom agenda and our responsibility towards discipling the nations.
•  In 2010 we became one of the 1st local congregations in the world to pursue a Disciple Making Movement in our city by engaging lost families and communities in Discovery Bible Studies.
•  In 2015 Sam Soleyn became a spiritual father to our Senior Pastor and we began to move into a season of Apostolic Reformation.


Our Core Values
Family: We see everything in the context of a family and particularly one of fathers raising sons to maturity.
Body life: Everyone has equal value and every part is needed, loved and cherished.
Apostolic intent: We operate under an apostolic grace to establish the kingdom amongst unreached communities and to establish sound foundations on which the church is built.
Evangelical relevance: The gospel must be presented to every culture in a way that the original intent of God is clearly understood.


Gathering time
Sunday: 09h00-11h00 


275 Voortrekker Road
Cape Town
South Africa

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GPS coordinates
Latitude: -33.90434
Longitude: 18.59373


Contact us
Phone: +27 21 936 7240
Fax: +27 21 939 6931
E-mail: info@lighthouse.org.za